Becca Rose - Pussy Shaving During Sex

Hey guys when I saw this Asian lady naked riding this guys dick I thought she was fucking him so damn good. Little did I know she was a nearly fifty year old woman. When I saw her face it was apparent that she had the age on the hard cock that was buried inside her hairy pussy. So this is an amazing set of photos...the video should be coming soon. Photos provided by...

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Exotic Becca Rose returns for a second engagement and in this fuck fling, Becca ups the ante. In her first pictorial, Becca Rose's Hairy Situation, you saw how bushy her snatch is. It was her first professional sex scene at 48 years-old. (She's been filmed at home and privately numerous times.) Now her new date is going to do some pussy redecorating. They're not going to go out. They're staying in. First, Strange is going to give her a pussy-fucking in different positions as a warm-up. When Becca's juices are flowing like a busted dam, he's going to penetrate her butthole, sliding his monkey into her ass as far as he can go and fuck her deep. Then, while he's thrusting his meat in and out of her booty-hole in a missionary position, he makes the ballsy move of shaving her hair wedge clean with a disposable razor. Kinky! This will definitely be a memorable date for Becca. "I have lived all of my sexual fantasies," says Becca. "I am interested in fulfilling the fantasies of others rather than pursuing my own. When I'm approaching climax, I produce a thick, clear liquid in my pussy the same consistency and flavor as male pre-cum. I have to admit I have never been shaved while I was having anal sex. There is a first time for everything!" Those of you who have been SCORELAND members will remember a busty Indonesian named Saholy getting ass-fucked and pussy-shaved at the same time several years ago. It doesn't happen every day of the week!

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Lydia South - Cougar Fucking Cock

 Lydia South, a once-divorced, now-married 50-year-old from Houston, Texas, makes her debut at 50PlusMILFs, and that won't come as a surprise to her four children.
"No, because they all know I'm here today," Lydia said. "I actually use my daughters as a sounding board for ideas."
Now, that might sound a little unusual to you, but, hey, Lydia is a very open woman. For example, while these photos were being shot--while she was getting fucked in the ass by a guy who's almost exactly 30 years younger than her--her husband was sitting about 10 feet away, enjoy every minute of the action. Lydia and her hubby are swingers, but she tends to be the one in the middle of the action.
A few details about Lydia. In addition to swinging and getting fucked in her ass, Lydia enjoys the great outdoors. She enjoys fishing ("I love to catch redfish. They fight good. I love a good challenge") and hunting. She plays volleyball and is a fan of the Houston Astros baseball team.
Oh, and one more thing: She really is 50, even though that's hard to believe. Born August 25, 1960. She's a Virgo.
"I've actually been carded several times for alcohol because in the state I'm from, which is Texas, you're required to show your license," Lydia said. "The lady I handed it to, it took her a few minutes to figure it out. She went to a supervisor to make sure."
Our version of proof of age: No woman under 40 fucks like Lydia does.

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Blake James - Twice Divorced MILF

 Blake James is a 40-year-old hair stylist from Arizona, and you know what they say about hair stylists'don't you? That they're hot. That they're horny. That they love to rub their bodies up against you while they're doing your hair and give you a hard-on because they know it'll keep you coming back.
Yeah, Blake is one of those. She's the sexy hair stylist who knows that showing off her DDD-cup tits in tight, low-cut tops is good for tips, and do you want to know something else? She's fucked a client or two, too. Took him to the back room for a waxing and ended up sucking his cock and giving up her well-shaved (but not waxed) pussy.
Blake, who's a twice-divorced mother of two, turned 40 on October 12, and for her birthday, she had a threesome with a 28-year-old girl who she describes as 'very hot' and a 27-year-old guy.
'Dinner, cocktails, and then we went to the adult toy store and bought a double-dong,' Blake said, describing the evening. 'And they both have a tickle fetish so they bought a feather. We went back to her house and played around. Took a little bit of video, and then I decided to get into her lingerie and we did a little photo thing. So we played around a little bit and sent him home. We didn't send him home unhappy.'We get the impression that Blake never sends any guy home unhappy.
Blake's sexual fantasy: 'Being tied down and blindfolded with my man touching and kissing my body, and then suddenly, it's not one set of hands I feel but two, then three.'
Blake's first time: 'In a tree house on a military base in Germany.
Her kinkiest sexual encounter: 'Fisting a friend and being fisted.
Get the feeling Blake is taking that 'hair stylist' stereotype to a whole new level?

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Misty Gold - 50+ Facials

Misty recently celebrated her 51st birthday--her first post-divorce birthday--and by the looks of things, divorced life is suiting her fine. Misty, a total amateur from Southern California, has returned to fuck on camera for only the second time in her life, and this time, she's getting a facial.
"I love facials," she said. "I love when a man cums all over my face. It's almost as good as him cumming in my pussy, but it's nastier!"
Misty is an accountant, and that job can get a bit boring. So, when the work day is over, Misty goes home, puts on a sexy outfit and goes on the prowl for men to fuck. She is, for the most part, a typical mature woman. What's not typical about her is how hot she looks in that tight, short blue dress. And the fact that she's fucking on camera? Not typical at all.
"Actually, I think every woman should try it," Misty said. ''I was nervous at first, but now I'm having the time of my life!"
Like we said, divorce is suiting her fine.

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The Accountant Gets A Facial

When this scene opens, Misty, a 51-year-old divorcee and accountant from Southern California, is wearing a short, tight blue dress. She sits down on a couch and spreads her legs, and we can see that she's wearing sheer pantyhose. She reaches down into her pantyhose and plays with her pussy."I want you to come fuck me right now," she says. To us? Okay! "I want a nice, hard cock in my mouth right now."
Presto! Juan shows up, Misty gets his dick out, and away she goes, first licking, then sucking, being a total wanton slut, because 50PlusMILFs are allowed to be wanton sluts. They've earned the right. So Misty sucks, and Juan gets harder, and then Misty hops on for a ride and fucks him hard. Then she lies on the couch and gets her pussy absolutely pounded side-saddle, then she gets banged from behind, then she gets his load all over his face, and the camera sticks around to watch Misty play with the cum, rubbing it in, using it as skin cream. Because a 50something like Misty...she knows how to take care of herself.

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